“Wednesday Jew Club is probably of the things I look forward the most to during the school week. Hanging out with Jewish friends, learning about Torah….”
– Ben K.

“Having Jewish club this school year was a definite treat. Never have I been part of a Jewish group which is so fun.”
– Micah R.

  •  One mother called us to share this story: When her son was visiting various schools, he always insisted they go check out the Jewish organizations first. He wanted to know what the Jewish life was like before he considered applying. She mentioned that a big part of his interest was sparked by the “Jew Club” at Burlingame high school.
  • At the beginning of this semester, Rabbi Moshe encouraged a teen to try out the Jewish club at her high school. When she walked in, she was surprised to see a friend, who turned to her saying, “Are you Jewish?” She happily replied, “Yes!”

Being part of the Jewish club allowed this teen to comfortably express and experience her Jewish identity in a positive way.

  • Last year we organized a Friday Night dinner for teens. We asked the teens to spread the word among their friends. Some responded, “Rabbi, we have never been to a rabbi’s house for Shabbat dinner; this is not for us.” Rabbi Moshe, who thanks to the club had developed an easy rapport with the teens, challenged them with a smile: “Do you know how to eat Challah? Do you know how to enjoy yourself? Trust me, and give it a try.”

Of course, the teens attended and their excitement for Judaism and Jewish practice was enhanced. As one student wrote: “Rabbi that was the most inspiring Shabbat; I wish I could havPartners